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Contents of this service

This service is free of charge (excluding communication charges) and is provided to those who have registered their e-mail addresses. This service is available free of charge (excluding communication charges). This service is available free of charge (excluding communication charges). Registration of an e-mail address is required to use this service. When applying for this service, the contents sent by the user using each screen of the procedure are protected by SSL. The target audience for sending this newsletter is corporations.

Service change, suspension, and deletion of registration 1) The service may be changed or suspended without notice to the registrant at the Company’s convenience. (2) In the event that an e-mail is sent to a registered user and is not received a certain number of times due to reasons such as the registered address not being recognized, the Company may, at its discretion, delete the registration without notice to the registered user. 2. (1) The Company shall not be responsible for any disadvantage to the registrant due to the use of the Service or the inability to use the Service properly. The Company shall not be held responsible for any disadvantage caused by the inability to use the Service. 2. (3) The Service may be discontinued or abolished at the Company’s convenience after notice on the Company’s website. In such cases, the Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use, suspension, postponement, or termination of the Service. The Company provides the Service to the registered users as is and makes no warranty of any kind, including but not limited to completeness, accuracy, timeliness, appropriateness, rapidity, reliability, fitness for purpose, usefulness, merchantability, absence of computer virus infection, non-infringement of intellectual property rights, performance of obligations by third parties, or non-defectiveness. (3) Use of Information Use of Information The registrant shall be responsible for any disadvantage suffered by the Company when the contents of e-mails sent by the Company are forwarded or used for secondary purposes. In addition, the Company shall not be held responsible for any disadvantage to the registrant in such cases. 4. Provision of information In the distribution of e-mails based on the registration of this service, in addition to this information, service information, the contents of questionnaires, etc. may be included. 5. Changes to these precautions Regarding the contents of these precautions, the Company shall be able to change them without notice to the registrant. In addition, if you continue to use the Service after the change of these precautions, you will be deemed to have agreed to these precautions after the change. The latest version of these precautions will be posted on this page, so please check it from time to time. 6. Method of communication Contact to the registrant will be made by e-mail or by posting on the website. All changes to these precautions, matters related to the Service, and other important items will be communicated by e-mail or by posting on the website. 7. (1) The registrant may terminate the use of the Service at any time in accordance with these precautions and the method determined by the Company. (2) With the termination of this service, the registrant shall lose all rights as a registrant, including the right to receive information by e-mail. However, due to the convenience of the system of this service, it may take a predetermined amount of time from the completion of the procedure for the termination of this service by the registrant until the procedure is reflected in the system, and the registrant shall agree to this. The Company may terminate the registrant’s use of the Service immediately without prior notice to the registrant, if the Company determines that the registrant falls under any of the following circumstances, or is likely to fall under any of the following circumstances. The Company shall not be obligated to disclose the reason for the termination of the service to the registrant. 8. (1) In order to use the Service, it may be necessary to register the personal information of the registrant. In this case, the registrant shall register his/her personal information after confirming the Company’s handling of personal information. (2) The Company will handle the registrant’s personal information in accordance with the Company’s “Personal Information Protection Policy”. The Company will not use the registered e-mail address or other information for any purpose other than those stated in the Service and “Handling of Personal Information”. 9. (1) Any information that can be viewed by the registrant on the Service is for the sole purpose of providing various information to the registrant, and is not provided for the purpose of offering, soliciting, mediating, recommending, or advising the registrant on the sale of any product, service, or right, or any other transaction. The Company is not a party to or a participant in such transactions. The Company will not be a party to or act as an agent for such transactions, nor will it solicit, mediate, act as an intermediary, recommend or advise on such transactions. The Company assumes no responsibility for the results of any investment, purchase or sale, borrowing, or any other transaction or business conducted by the registrant using or referring to the information provided by the Company. In addition, the Company shall not be responsible for any complaints, claims, or disputes regarding the contents provided by third parties. In such cases, the registrant and the third party shall resolve the matter between them. 10. Governing Law The formation, validity, performance, and interpretation of this notice shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.